Using Eclipse with Wildfly/JBoss EAP

The Eclipse IDE can easily be used with the Wildfly/JBoss EAP Java Application Server. In this post some of the steps how to do this have been described below.

Install Eclipse

  • Fist download Eclipse from
  • Double click on the installer and install the Eclipse IDE for Java Developers.
  • Then install the Red Hat CodeReady Studio.
    Start Eclipse and go the the Windows / Eclipse Marketplace
    Search and install the Red Hat CodeReady Studio Integration Stack

Configure the Eclipse IDE

  • Install a specific JRE because the default is probably not the correct one.
    Window/ Preferences / Java / Installed JRE’s
  • Make sure you have the correct JDK Compliance in
    Windows / Preferences / Java / Compiler / JDK Compliance /
    Compiler compliance level
  • Create a project. For instance a Dynamic Web Project.
  • Then configure the Project via the Project Properties
    Java Build Path / verify the module path (JRE)
  • Set the Classpath via
    Java Build Path / Libraries / Classpath / Add Library
    Choose Server Runtime / Wildfly of JBoss EAP application server.
  • Also set the Project Facets / Java version in the Project Properties.

Happy coding!