Basic installation of Grafana, InfluxDB and Telegraf on CentOS 7


In order to gain some knowledge about Grafana, InfluxDB and Telegraf I did a basic installation. Grafana and InfluxDB were installed on a CentOS 7 server. The Telegraf agent was installed on a separate CentOS 7 server (which also hosts by the way).
InfluxDB: 1.7.1
Grafana: 5.3.4-1
Telegraf: 1.8.3-1
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Create your own Test Lab with VirtualBox.

If you want to experiment with servers and applications you will probably need your own test lab with virtual machines. The point is that you don’t want your test lab to interfere with your home network. This can be easily realised with Oracle VirtualBox and a network address translation network (NATNetwork) on  a workstation.
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SELinux access denied

When access is denied to certain files folders it might be SELinux. You can check this in the /var/log/audit/audit.log
In this example we have changed the html folder in /var/www/ for the Apache HTTP server.
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